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Humanitarianism in the network age: when does communication save lives?

How can new communications technologies bring people in need closer to people who can help? In a world of increasingly informed, connected and self-reliant communities, how will communications technology affect the delivery of humanitarian aid and how are aid agencies adapting to a more open, participatory way of interacting with people in crisis? A new report by the United Nations emergency relief organisation (UN OCHA) suggest a fundamental shift in power from capitals and headquarters to the people aid agencies aim to assist—a shift to which humanitarian responders must adapt or risk becoming increasingly out of touch with the populations they seek to serve. Find out more and debate these issue with experts from UN OCHA, Thomson Reuters Foundation's humanitarian news service AlertNet and others. Join the debate from 12:00 to 13:00 BST on Wednesday, May 1.

  • Our panel of experts to debate humanitarian response in an increasingly networked world:
    - Imogen Wall, Global Coordinator, Communications with Communities, UNOCHA
    - Jacob Korenblum, President and CEO of mobile aid information platform Souktel
    - Katherine Roux, Regional Communications & Advocacy Manager, IFRC Southeast Asia
    - Rachel Houghton, Global Coordinator, CDAC Network
    - Axelle Basselet, Senior Development Adviser, Internews Europe

    * This event is now closed *
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