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Can the post-2015 development goals drive action on climate change?

With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expiring in 2015, how should a new set of global development goals speed up and advance measures to tackle climate change, especially for the most vulnerable? And how should the separate agreements planned for 2015 - the U.N. climate deal, the next world plan for disaster risk reduction and the post-2015 development goals - be brought together to boost coherent climate action and generate funds for poor countries to step up their responses? The debate, in advance of a September U.N. General Assembly summit to review efforts on the MDGs and beyond, will build on the recent High Level Panel (HLP) report on the post-2015 development agenda, which acknowledges that climate change and environmental degradation “pose unprecedented threats to humanity”. Please contribute your comments and questions at the live blog or via Twitter hashtag #post2015climate for our expert panel: • Amina Mohammed, special advisor of the U.N. Secretary-General on post-2015 development planning • Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and president of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice • Pa Ousman Jarju, climate change envoy for Gambia and member of the Least Developed Countries expert panel on post-2015 development goals • Ruth Fuller, co-chair of the Beyond 2015 group for UK NGOs and international development policy adviser at WWF • Kit Vaughan, director, CARE Poverty Environment and Climate Change Network (PECCN)

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