Can South Sudan avoid civil war? - ALERTNET

Can South Sudan avoid civil war?

Join us for a debate on South Sudan's crisis and its underlying causes on Wednesday, January 22 at 12pm GMT/ 3pm South Sudan time. Hashtag: #SSudanconflict

  • Hello everyone and welcome to our debate on the future of South Sudan.
    Today we’re discussing whether South Sudan can avoid a prolonged civil war, following the outbreak of conflict on Dec. 15.
    We’d welcome your comments as we go along. Do you think South Sudan can avoid prolonged civil war?
    Please also send in questions for our accomplished panel.
    And updates from South Sudan would also be great in giving us of a picture of what is happening on the ground.
    by Katy Migiro @TR_Foundation edited by Alex Whiting @TR_Foundation 1/22/2014 11:44:00 AM
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