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All that glitters: What next for climate finance?

  • I think we'll wind up here. Thanks to our terrific panelists, to CDKN and to all who took the time to ask questions. I hope we can do much more on this topic! But for now look for a blog summing some of this up on
  • TODAY: Live Online Debate: All that Glitters – What’s next for Climate Finance?

    Join CDKN and Alertnet in a debate with the experts about the state of climate finance - and how to make it work for the poorest nations and groups. 13:00 - 14:00 GMT (London time)

    You can post your questions and comments on this blog (comment function at the top), or via Twitter using the hashtag #climatefinance.

    Mohammed Nasr, Africa Group of Negotiators
    Niclas Svenningsen, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
    Smita Nakhooda, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
    Daisy Streatfeild, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change
    Tim Gore, Oxfam
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